Christina Lake

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Christina Lake is an unincorporated recreational area in the Boundary Country of the West Kootenay region of BC. The area has established itself as a tranquil and picturesque recreational community.

Tourism is essential to the economy, which is apparent in the abundance of facilities including Provincial Parks (Christina Lake Provincial Park at the south end of the lake and Gladstone Provincial Park at the north end of the lake), golf courses, RV parks, campgrounds, recreational sport rentals, and a wide variety of accommodations. One of the warmest tree-lined lakes in North America, Christina Lake attracts tourists and investors from around the globe.

Residential properties around the lake vary significantly in style, age, and condition, and locations vary between walk-out waterfront, steep bank acreages, and boat-access only.

Keystone Appraisals has been serving the community of Christina Lake since 2006 and regularly complete both residential and commercial appraisals in the area.