Keystone provides residential appraisal services across the East, West, and Boundary Regions of the Kootenays with a focus on quality and turn-around times. We have experience with all residential property types including single family dwellings, acreages, waterfront, as-complete construction, and investment properties. Our team is on the approved appraiser list of all the major banks and local credit unions and also regularly complete appraisals for a variety of legal purposes.

We understand that the residential appraisal process is often a critical step in a longer process, and we are committed to meeting your specific timing needs. Urgent assignments are given the highest priority, but all reports are completed within the agreed time frame which typically takes only a few days.

The appraisal process is independent, professional, and confidential at all times, and our staff are trained in the importance of serving each client’s specific needs. Below we have outlined the pathway that a typical assignment takes: